Cockermouth Curry

The girls had planned to go to the theatre in Keswick on Friday, but the show was cancelled, so Anna arranged a gastronomic night out in Cockermouth at the newly opened Spice House Indian restaurant. Me (Laetitia), Anna, Sabiene, Nesta, Sally and Susan braved the torrential rain and had a fantastic time. As might be expected from a bunch of girls, we talked all night – climbing, caving, Doris the Donkey, horses, painted toe nails and massage, but never boys! The food was delicious and I’d like to go back, especially to try the appropriately named Chat! We eventually left, the rain has ceased and we were able to witness the female delights of a Friday night in Cockermouth, where skirts barely cover bums. Hmmm, now that would have interested the boys.

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