FRCC Centenary Banquet

In 1997 I was lucky enough to attend the CC centenary in North Wales, I’d only been a member of the CC for less than two years at that time, but it was an amazing experience! I resolved straight away to become a member of the FRCC before their centenary in 2006. As my friend Boris says, “it’s quicker to become a qualified doctor than it is to become a FRCC member”. Yes, the campaign was long, and even involved painting a lot of the outside of the Salving House and fixing some of the slates on it’s roof! But, with the help of Boris (Gilbert) and Mike (Burt) it was accomplished. So now, as-well as enjoying the wonderful FRCC Scottish & Lakeland huts, I got to go to the centenary dinner…

Tickets for the event were limited, by the size of the venue, the Shap Wells hotel. I feared I wouldn’t get tickets though. The ruling that members would have first call on the tickets, followed by a lottery if more members wanted to go than there were seats. Then followed by another lottery for guest tickets would mean that I’d be lucky to get a ticket myself, let alone two tickets – for Laetitia and I. As it turned out we both got tickets straight away!

What a great night it was! A seven course banquet, amazing speeches from the president (Eileen Clark) and Alan Hinkes, but most of all fantastic company all round!

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