Kendal Mountain Festivals

This weekend was the annual Kendal Mountain Festivals event in Kendal (obviously). It used to be (just) the Kendal Mountain Film Festival, but has got a more wide ranging remit these days; adding books and art to the existing film events.

We volunteered to work as door staff at the film venues…

Great to see Set in Stone win two awards (People’s Choice and Climbing categories)! They certainly deserved them. I thought the other films were far too “dudey” – as the judges pointed out. Good to see some honest love of the Lakes and climbing; not just what seems like the search for celebrity that some of our sport’s names seem to seek.

It was interesting (?) to see how the sponsored “stars” didn’t even look up when the un-sponsored Dave Birkett took the stage to accept the award. The film mentions the lack of repeats of Dave’s routes (despite attempts by the like of Leo Houlding).

Tim Emmett’s talk was very entertaining. But what I took away was one of his first comments about climbing; when he first met Leo he said they both stated their aim was to become sponsored climbers. I wonder what Dave Birkett’s aim’s are/were?

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