Kelda goes walkabout and Paul gives blood

Sunny Barnsley! Ian and Anna were staying with Steph and Paul and joined by Laetitia, we decided to have an afternoon bike through some beautiful woodland. Unfortunately, Kelda followed the wrong biker and disappeared for what seemed hours (to Ian). Paul took a tumble and left some skin and blood on the trail.

Here we are before all the drama….

1 thought on “Kelda goes walkabout and Paul gives blood”

  1. Sorry I couldn’t be there guys!

    Sounds like you all had a great time, it must be the first day of sunshine this month – it seems to have rained every day. Although it’s a bit of a shame the dog ran off. Have you been mis-treating her Ian? Was it really a bid for freedom?

    Hey Steph, send me the picture of Paul’s crash damage and I’ll post it…

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