Worcester Wonders?

It’s that time of year where it rains a lot! Just check out our weather page. It has rained every single day since November 7th! And I’m not talking about light drizzle, we are talking wet, very wet! I guess lakes need water? You’d have thought they were plenty full enough by now though. Ah well, it’s also getting close to Xmas and that means lots of nice food, presents and visiting the family…

So, this weekend saw us leaving the beloved Lakes to visit parents and sample the wonders of Worcester. Where it was sunny; not a drop of rain in sight (almost). Doh! Well that’s the “wonderful” part of this report. Other than that we checked out the Victorian street fair (check out the traction engine from Leeds above) and the Cathedral. Both very nice, but not exactly high octane adventure. Of course it’s always good to see the family…
A walk in the Malvern Hills helped round off the weekend with a chance to practice our skydiving without having to jump out of an aeroplane! It was quite windy. Awesome arch, or is it a track?

One thought on “Worcester Wonders?”

  1. I can’t believe we’ve had so much rain. I think my feet are becoming webbed. Glad we don’t live right next to a river – or in the centre of York!

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