Ski Touring + Late Night Decorating!

How much is possible in just one weekend? Well, partly thanks to cheap flights a weekend in the Alps is possible. But what about redecorating a flat and going on a long ski tour all day Saturday too?

The skiing was the main adventure of the weekend, continuing our preparation for a planned trip to do the Haute Route (Chamonix to Zermatt) later this year. We left Chamonix via the Flégère lift to do the tour of the Crochues-Bérard. The snow was almost entirely lovely, ending with some fantastic power down the Bérard valley. We finished with a train ride home from le Buet. What a great day out! We were knackered though (left) when we finally took our skis off as the snow thinned out.
As if that wasn’t enough for any normal adventure…
I didn’t think it was all gonna be possible to do any decorating too. Especially as I thought we were doomed when we discovered the pitiful selection of paint available in French DIY shops! My advice; it you can get it there, take paint from the UK – you’ll have a better choice of colours and probably better quality paint too. Anyway thanks to many hands, some professional decorating skills, and a an awful lot of hard work we got it done! Massive thanks to Ian and Anna for all their efforts (expertly) splashing the paint around, well into the small hours!
We finally enjoyed a well earned glass (or two) of wine after completing the redecoration (and having skied all day)!!!
Also, check out the very first sticks of furniture (a table and chairs) to arrive…

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