Ghost Sunshine

Tired after yesterday’s efforts, Pete let me take the lead on Sunshine in the Ghost Wilderness area of the Canadian Rockies. It was fun on WI3 ice.

The plan started out as involving an ascent of Sunshine, followed by a traverse to Aquarius, and even possibly a look at Rainbow Serpent… But, as in 2005, Aquarius was partly melted out. Bad luck again, but a nice day out.

Series - Canada 07

  1. Lake Louise
  2. Frozen Solid
  3. Ghost Sunshine
  4. Whiteman Falls – At Last!
  5. The Ghost
  6. The End of the Line
  7. Pete falls in love with Pussy
  8. 4WD or not 4WD… That was the question!
  9. All the snow has gone to Canada!

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