Frozen Solid

Check out the ice on Laetitia’s jacket. Then take a look at the quickdraw; frozen solid! We tackled Murchison falls today and found running water despite the -19˚C temperatures when we parked the car (even colder up high on the route).

We’ve done some awesome big routes in the Canadian Rockies (like Polar Circus, Sorcerer, and Hydrophobia to name but three of dozens) and we expected Murchison to be great too – but it wasn’t, a bit of a let down really, not at all the fun we’ve come to expect from Canadian ice climbing.

Maybe it was just the conditions on the day?

Series - Canada 07

  1. Lake Louise
  2. Frozen Solid
  3. Ghost Sunshine
  4. Whiteman Falls – At Last!
  5. The Ghost
  6. The End of the Line
  7. Pete falls in love with Pussy
  8. 4WD or not 4WD… That was the question!
  9. All the snow has gone to Canada!

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