Lake Louise

Somehow I managed to lose my crampons on the way down from Murchisons yesterday. Perhaps it was the bum slides…? Anyway, that meant that today we had to make a trip back to try to find them. Me and Val started up the path and there they were, just 5 minutes from the road. Phew! Lucky, lucky me. I didn’t fancy the 80 minute trek up hill all the way to the start of the route.
Now I was fully tooled up again, we decided to finish what was left of the day with a trip to Louise Falls. The ice was hard and brittle. Not so much fun, but the lamb soup at the Chateaux on the way back was fantastic.

Series - Canada 07

  1. Lake Louise
  2. Frozen Solid
  3. Ghost Sunshine
  4. Whiteman Falls – At Last!
  5. The Ghost
  6. The End of the Line
  7. Pete falls in love with Pussy
  8. 4WD or not 4WD… That was the question!
  9. All the snow has gone to Canada!

4 thoughts on “Lake Louise”

  1. Looks like Tish is carrying by far the bigger sack which, of course, is as it should be!

    Hot in canmore the other day, at plus 18C, although still below freezing at Lake Louise.

  2. Yeah, I believe people are rock climbing now. And not just little bolted crags. People have been climbing on Yamnuska. But there is still ice up the icefields parkway. And there will be skiing at lake loise until the chairs close 31 May!

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