Ski Tour

Another weekend in Chamonix for ski touring in warm spring conditions (10˚C) and deep powder up high – a great improvement from the ice slabs we encountered last time.

As we skinned up, I had trouble with my bindings again, which was more than a little frustrating and tiring, but after removing the offending ice from the skis my boots seemed to stay in place.

Dave came with us this time out; he has only been skiing for one week previously, on very groomed slopes, so it may have been a bit mean to take him off piste, into the deep fresh powder, and on a long-ish tour.

He mastered the up hills with ease, but by the end of the day he was utterly knackered – all that falling over in the deep snow on the way down takes a lot out of you! I think he had a great time, but it may be a while before we persuade him to leave the pistes again…

Dave’s magic floating position!

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