Chamonix Burgers

Seeing as dog pictures are “in vogue” I thought I’d catch a shot of this ball of hair sleeping outside Chamonix’s ‘Midnight Express’ burger bar, Ian’s favorite place to eat? A great place to get an amazing burger on a day when your are flying late.

Anyway, after another weekend in Chamonix ski touring in warm spring conditions (10˚C) and with deep powder everywhere it was all too soon time to think about heading home. We grabbed an “Americain” burger (with Bacon and Cheese) each (although Dave – the greedy bum – had a double “Americain”) just before leaving Chamonix to catch a very late (and delayed) EastJet flight back home for another week at work! Oh, if only we could play as often as we work, is life back to front?

No one opted for Ian’s favourite, the “Double Orient”!

5 thoughts on “Chamonix Burgers”

  1. Yeah, as my old Prof used to say to me, ‘ Life is all the wrong way round. When you’re old like me you have loads of money and don’t need it. But you do need it when you’re young like you. There is a plausible case for reversal and giving people money whilst they are still young.’ Soon after this, he became a FRS! And he gave me all the time off i wanted, so long as it was for climbing!!

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