What rain!


Having seen Friday’s forecast for the weekend I decided to lay turf on Saturday and risk climbing on grit between the predicted showers on Sunday. Sunday dawned dry and bright so we headed off to Gardoms. Come 4 pm after several classic routes, sore fingers and weary arms brought our day to a close; not rain!

5 thoughts on “What rain!”

  1. Awesome, welcome (as an author) to the blog Paul! 🙂

    Yeah, we got the gardening / climbing mix the wrong way round – we climbing in the rain on Saturday and finished the vegtable garden dry stone walling on Sunday. Doh! 🙁

    So, what route is that picture of? It looks steep and thin! 😕

  2. Looks like my sort of climbing (but perhaps a little hard?). I’ll have to get out on to some grit soon.

    Any takers for a rusty VS climber?

    Did anyone hear about a 16 year old lad leading up Braille Trail.

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