Hot at Helm Crag

It was still hot! Would it never end??? (I know in a months time I’ll be moaning about the rain)
Parking in Grasmere on the busiest day of the year (BHF fun run) proved difficult and expensive, but we managed and were soon at Helm Crag. This appears to be another crag suffering from under-use. One of the starred routes has virtually disappeared under ivy, but Anna, Tish and I thought Flarepath (VS 4c,4c) looked ok and were glad to head upwards away from the midges who were having a great time gorging on Pete.

Anna starts pitch 2, Flarepath

A climb of 2 contrasting pitches, a strenuous crack followed by a delicate traverse. The hardest bit was the HS chimney at the end! Only Tish managed with her dignity intact!

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