Crunchy Frog

Well the sun arrived and Anna and I braved a busy Borrowdale for a visit to Shepherds Crag. Not suprisingly the caff car park was full when we made our late appearance, but they were all in having tea…. at the crag it appeared deserted! No-one at the Cham area, or the Kransic Crack area, and only one team on Adam. We chose Crunchy Frog, right next to them (they probably thought us a bit strange), but we’re used to climbing with P & T, or Paul, or Terry or anybody!!!!!
Crunchy Frog was fairly strenuous, with some good moves, but nowhere near as hard as Why Not close to the stile on the way back to the caff. A real sandbag at MVS 4b…… We deserved our tea and coffee after that.

Ian on Crunchy Frog

4 thoughts on “Crunchy Frog”

  1. no not a morsel of cake passed our lips!!! – I know it is hard to believe, but the effort required to get my bulk up those 2 routes must have inspired me not to eat.

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