WARNING!!! Big Stone Fall Shepherd’s Crag

fall1.jpg fall2.jpg

A massive rock fall has occurred on shepherd’s crag in the vicinity of ‘Shepherd’s Gully’ and ‘Derision Groove’. My guess is that it has occurred in the last week. It certainly hadn’t occurred 2 weeks ago.

The fall is from the previously overhanging, loose section immediately above the top little traverse on ‘Derision Grove’. This is just left of ‘Thin Air’. See photos.

The fall was big enough to ‘take out’ the massive tree half way up ‘Shepherd’s Gully’ and the whole area is littered with rock and tree debris. Both ‘Derision Groove’ and ‘Shepherd’s Chimney’ remain unsafe, since loose rocks remain above, entangled in tree roots.

From what I could make out, ‘Derision Groove’ itself remains intact. In particular, the loose flakes half way up appear in situ still. Likewise, ‘Shepherd’s Gully’ is intact.

But someone really needs to clear the hanging debris above!!!!

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