What a wonderful time we had in Croatia, Paklenica to be exact, and what an amazing place. Sadly still much evidence of the war. Very cheap, both beer and accommodation, tho expect both will change before too long. Almost too hot to climb, high 30s. Nice combination of single pitch and long multi, see pics…

Vikki on the long mountaineering route – ‘Norsog’ on Kukovi Ispod Vlake’, Paklenica National Park

Amanda (a Kat’s candidate) sports climbing in the Paklenica gorge (about 400 routes here)

Met lots of climbers and other nice people, some of whom would fit well in to our ‘Kats’ club. Talking of which, attached are the obligatory ‘cat’ shots, for Anna’s attention in the main! This little cat frequented the dinning room of our hotel. For the first 2 days, Vikki thort I was rubbing her toes under the table and it wasn’t until the cat jumped on her knee and stuck its tail in her soup she realised what it was!!


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  1. Hey Vikki, quite a co-incidence of names that vikki’ of my post should be on the ‘Sterling’ site 😀 We met a few climbers from WA state on that trip 🙂

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