Holiday continues…

Having finally got back through the monsoon of the midlands, Chris and Sarah persuaded Jon, Anna and me to head up to High Crag, Buttermere. By the time Anna and I arrived Jon (with Adam) was already on the first pitch of Delilah, while Chris was gearing up for Samson. After a few moves Chris decided the crag was too wet, and quickly retreated, but with Jon already committed we had to leave while he was still somewhere on the crag.

Jon last seen with a wet “Delilah” somewhere in Buttermere

A quick drive over Honister to salvage the day…… hello sunshine and dry rock!! We stopped at Shepherds as we didn’t have the Borrowdale guide. Anna and I managed Finale and Fishers Folly (Finale probably a bit harder than I had hoped) and Chris and Sarah had a good time on Aaros and Kransic Crack Direct.

Anna at the top of the crack on Finale

Down at the cafe Chis and Sarah tucked into huge portions of carrot cake and cheesecake (why are these two not giant haystacks and big daddy… its not really fair) . Anna and I had tea ………

Girls in blue….. Anna on Fishers Folly, Sarah on Kransic Crack

10 thoughts on “Holiday continues…”

  1. Delilah was much better than it looked actually, though it certainly had a ‘mountain’ feel under all that slime. Tried to meet up with the gang at Shepherd’s, but it was heaving, so went to Lower Falcon instead.

    As for the sheep, bit of a communication problem (they aren’t the most intelligent of animals are they?!). Thought it was going to jump at one stage, but it thought better of it and opted for the ‘leg it to the other end of the ledge’ option, at which point I nabbed it. Hoorah!

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