One Man and His Dog (in the rain)

After being a bit of a couch potato (and diy addict), I decided to dust off my weekend walking boots and go and tackle some more Wainwright’s.

After studying the map and not wanting to drive too far, I decided upon Mungrisdale. There are some great fells here, hardly visited and with easy access from the A66.

It started dull, drizzly and somewhat windy as I headed up the track beside the river Glenderamackin towards Bowscale Fell. It was decidedly nasty up there. Pippa was loving it. I think the rain and wind sends her hyper.

Bowscale Fell
The way up to Bowscale Fell in the drizzle

It was quite damp as you can see, but it was so good to get out and get some fresh air in my lungs. Pip seemed (?) to enjoy it. I’ll let you make you mind up on that.

Pip on Bowscale Fell
What it is to have no waterproof jacket

However the weather improved which made navigation to Mungrisdale Common much easier. Wainwright describes Mungrisdale Common as “It’s natural attractions are of a type that appeals only to sheep.” I quite liked it too. It’s not on the trade routes so it’s quiet.

Heading back, and up to Bannerdale Crags the wind picked up, a brief stop at the top taking in the view down Bannerdale (it was too wet and windy for a lunch stop). A quick descent to the footbridge over the river Glenderamackin and a sheltered spot for lunch. Souther Fell was the next and last Wainwright for the day. Another quiet fell and the weather improved yet again.

Souther Fell

A great Wainwright with no people.

A great walk.

5 thoughts on “One Man and His Dog (in the rain)”

  1. agreed a very pleasant area; we have been up there two or three times.
    Believe it or not there is a winter ice route up bannerdale crags – or so I was told by Alan Hinkes (in the days when I got to go on Berghaus-sponsored jollies)

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