Not too Bad a Day in the Lakes

Despite an awful Saturday and miserable start to Sunday, the day turned out well in the Lakes and the rock was summer-dry.

Aspirant Chris and I were keen to suss out the proposed CC hut site (and very well sited it seems indeed) so decided to spend the morning on South Castle Rock. We met up with some Barrow guys, one a Fell & Rock member.

Here you see Dave Rothery ‘dancing’ up Kleine Rinne.

Of course, we didn’t know P&T were in Chamonix, so hopped over to Sherpherd’s for lunch, hoping to meet up. Even Anna and Ian would have been better than nothing but saw nobody we knew.

Scorpion retained it’s sting and ………….!

dg…………….we had the bonus from the top of watching people ‘hanging around’ on ‘The Bludgeron’ (unknown climber).

Just time for the that fierce little corner piece that Ian likes so much, ‘Why Not’, before more tea, well deserved after that one! No photo, I’m afraid – Chris was too bust watching the rope!

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