Brrrrrr, cold up at the Napes

With a sunny day forecast, I joined Steve for a day up at the Napes. We weren’t the only ones with this idea. Since Gryff Rhys Jones nearly got to the top of the Needle, it seems to have got very popular. We saw at least a dozen other climbers in the close vicinity.

Steve somewhere on the crag

We started on Eagle nest Ridge direct (MVS), then did long Tom (HVS), both excellent routes on fantastic rock. Unfortunately it had got cloudy by the time we did Long Tom, and my hands had got so cold I couldn’t feel how good the rock was!

Steve on Long Tom…………….. lucky Tom!…. lucky Steve!!!

On the way back we passed a small crag that Steve has been interested in lately and bagged a short new line (at least VD!)

Another good day, but maybe the last of the year on a high mountain crag.

Kelda enjoys the official “best view in Britain”

4 thoughts on “Brrrrrr, cold up at the Napes”

  1. Well, of us all, Ian seems to climb in the most remote places, in this country at least. This is an indictment on the rest of us, particularly Pete and Tish who are documented ‘mad’ and noted for crazy exploits. So there is the incentive to us all, to get out and do good things, far from the road. So no more sunflowers or cats but far-rock (and sore feet).

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