Terry takes us to ‘Jack Scout Crag’

The team spread out on Jack Scout Crag in the November sunshine. 😀

Terry has been to Jack Scout crag before and it seemed like a good venue following the fireworks and booze of the evening before. A sunny aspect, short lines and something for everyone, even me with my injured tendon – no climbing for me, just photography…

The sky clouded over briefly for this one, but it was fun asking Laetitia to hold a position with a foot between holds for the picture!

Laetitia enjoys the route Jackal.

Terry in a stylish position…

Terry swings up Armada in the sunshine that seems to follow him everywhere he goes!

To get this picture of Paul I abseiled down next to the line of the route to try and get some shots up close of Paul tackling the roof that provided the meat of the route. It also provided me with some entertainment while everyone else was enjoying the climbing. 😉

Paul showing some effort after crossing the roof on Crying Crocodile.

After all that excitment, and as the sun went to bed dropping the temperature radically, we retreated to the Wolfhouse gallery and café in Silverdale.

After the climbing, five smiling faces at the café!

4 thoughts on “Terry takes us to ‘Jack Scout Crag’”

  1. It sure is nice to see all of you, even if its just a picture! You all look well and ready for action. The only exciting thing that happened with Carol and I was we spent two weeks in Cancun and playa del carmen mexico. We came back dec 15 to -35 and a very cool car. but it was good to get home and enjoy christmas with lots of family and freinds.
    we look forward to seeing you all soon

    Bruce and Carol

  2. Great to hear from you Bruce. We’ve heard it’s very very cold in Canada at the moment. It’s mosty just wet here, although I’m sure I saw a bit of blue sky a few hours ago – must have dreamt it.
    Saw Val the other day on her travels over here. She’ll be back home next week I think.

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