I want that pudding!!!!!!!!!!

Months ago, Sarah persuaded Anna and me to enter the pudding race, a 10km run through Langdale, worth doing as all the finishers get a Christmas pudding and Jon is doing it in a bridesmaid’s dress!!

Well I haven’t been running for months, and its all a bit of a struggle now with the foot, the weight and the lack of motivation, but with the date drawing ever closer I decided it was time to take action.


Anna has been going along to the Derwent AC for a couple of weeks and I was 3 sessions behind. I had no idea how far behind I was in reality…………………

Tuesday evening: my first session. I’d told Anna I wasn’t getting out of the car if the fat girl who’d been there last week wasn’t there this week. She was, so out I got, only to see the fat girl go off in another direction……….. bugger, I was going to be the slowest.

We set off, and after about 20 mins of running at about my usual pace we came to a halt……… Hmmm, where was the car park??

Maybe the pub they go to after the run was here……….

“ok, thats the warm up done…” I heard one of them say, “now for the training” What! I was knackered already………. I can’t begin to explain the agonies of the next half hour, but somehow I kept going. Anna breezed through, those extra sessions seem to have jumped her well ahead of me 🙁 For 2 days I was walking like Douglas Bader and my thighs were sore to touch!!

Thursday: NO PAIN NO GAIN! Well I was due to gain something huge!! I decided that a run might just help to stretch out my legs. So, off to Derwent AC again for hopfully an easier session. It was, and the good runners were very encouraging, doubling back to run with the slow fat bloke at the back ( 😯 oh that was me). At the end, both Anna and I were very pleased when we found out it was about 10km we had run, so we knew with luck we had a chance of that pudding…..

Still a few weeks to go, who knows, I might even enjoy the race 😆

5 thoughts on “I want that pudding!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. My current thinking – if I eat enough puddings before the race, I’ll not be able to fit in the dress. 😉

    You can see which direction my training’s going in can’t you! Dough ball challenge anyone?!

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