Lovely Limestone

Ewbank Scar

Ewbank Scar

There’s some hidden gems in and around Kirkby Stephen and I discovered one of them today.

Not far from my friends Dave & Anette is a streambed on steeply bedded limestone. The water sinks someway above this, and reappears someway down. I presume in flood this is quite a spectacular area.


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  1. I am from the Ewbank family line. Ewbank Scar was named after one of my ancestors who supposedly met with a tragic death at this very location upon being thrown from his horse. Until I am able to travel over to the UK to see the area in person, these images will have to suffice. The photography does it great justice however, and it is even more beautiful than I had imagined. I was delighted to have run across this site on line, and greatly appreciate the wonderful photos!

    Ewbank of the Kirkby Stephen lineage

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