Sailing on the Mersey


Nick’s got a big boat. A very lovely big boat. And today he let me and Pete come on board and help crew for a race on the Mersey. There were 10 of us all together. Every one had a job, but as we were complete novices me and Pete were given rail crew – throwing ourselves from one side of the boat to the other, ducking the boom, as we tacked and jibed up and down the course.

I was nervous at first as we started out into a rainy squall, and thinking I had to be quick and efficient, at the first tack I put everything into getting across from port to starboard as quickly as possibly. A little too quickly – I nearly flew into the sea before the boat had time to lean the other way. I was having a great time, flying across the boat, but I think I worried a few people so I slowed it down a bit after that. I didn’t have to move quite as fast as I remembered from dinghy sailing.

We won, but Nick’s boat is the fastest in the North, and it was the only boat in it’s class in the race, but it was good to know we didn’t slow the team down.

Thanks Nick and the team.

Getting ready at Liverpool Marina

Stowing the spinnaker

5 thoughts on “Sailing on the Mersey”

  1. Nice boat….. any chance of getting a lift to the Islands off Scotland for some stacks?????
    Or what about the Med????? 😆
    It looks like it was a bit chilly though..

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