Tarn Crag, Longsleddale, Pinnacle Ridge

After a sedentary weekend at the Kendal Film Festival, I felt the urge for a good ‘blast’ on Tuesday. Nothing too far away, with the short days, and Longsleddale came to mind.

So Chris and I set of for ‘Sadgill Wall, only to be met by an army of hostile sheep.

No need to tell the winners in the bloody battle that followed 👿

We were also met by a heavy shower of rain, that made the already greasy rock even greasier. So we lowered our sights to the fractals of Tarn Crag.

Here you see Chris on the ‘Pinnacle Ridge’ (Grade 2*) scramble of Tarn Crag.

Followed by a nice walk to the summit of ‘Tarn Crag’

Moody weather, looking towards Windermere, on the descent. A very enjoyable day indeed and suitably blasted.

3 thoughts on “Tarn Crag, Longsleddale, Pinnacle Ridge”

  1. Looks like a great day out – especially considering the weather!
    At least some of “the gang” is busy keeping their ends up (ooh err) adventuring! 😉

    PS. Great picture of your defeated foes. 😆

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