Canoeing and Kayaking on the River Eden


The River Eden was in flood – perhaps too much water for the coaching we wanted, but it was great opportunity for us to practice ferry-gliding across a swollen river. With a fast current and a strong wind, it certainly made me work hard. I was the only open boat on the river, with 6 other kayaks having more success than I against the wind. A 16’ long boat takes some handling – especially when I’m not an expert.

From the photos taken by a very helpful wife of one of the guys on the river, I realise my β€˜trim’ was a little too rear heavy, which causes the front to spin around in the wind. Normally Pippa sits in the front which I presume makes the boat much more level.

With thanks to Mike Sunderland for the coaching and the others who kept an eye out for me.


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