Mexican Climbing

After a hair raising drive through Monterrey, we arrived at Hidaglo, a sprawling Mexican town dominated by the cement factory. The thing that struck me immediately was the number of emaciated dogs around the place, some lying on the road, others chasing cars. We stopped on the roadside to study the final directions to the Podosa camp ground. A car backfired, or so we thought, but then we saw the smoking gun and the fleeing dog! He’d live to bark another day.

Climbing to die for. Many routes just seconds from the road and all lengths and grade, though centre of gravity towards higher end.

Here you see Terry on the long corner second pitch of “Will the Wolf Survive’, 5.9

Everett did a good job on the third pitch, harder, steep and sustained 5.9

Meanwhile, the girls rode the canyon on their horses
‘Which way’s the border’

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