A First Class Murder

The suspects!

Flossie Carrington had it all – she was young and beautiful, she was the heiress to an American steel empire, and she was married to a handsome ex-Guards officer. But recently, the nation was shocked by the discovery of her body, stuffed under the seat of a first-class compartment on the Plymouth Express. She had been stabbed to death and her fabulously expensive jewels were stolen.

The suspects (L to R) – Count de la Rochefour (Ian), Marie de Mignon (Anna), Rupert Carrington (Dave), Ebenezer Halliday (Pete), Lady Swansea (Fiona), Jane Mason (Laetitia), Alec Simpson (Andy), & Jessica Lyle (Sabiene) – have been summoned to reveal what really happened!

4 thoughts on “A First Class Murder”

  1. hope you don’t mind me asking but what did the guests bring as gifts?? we are doing this murder mystery for new year and would welcome any suggestions!!

    many thanks shona jubb

    1. Hi, no not at all…
      I can’t remember that clearly, but I don’t think any of our friends brought any “gifts” – but they did bring all the booze for the party! Hmm, come to think of it, maybe D&F brought some “posh” chocolate for after dinner?
      Of course they all brought themselves and their costumes… 🙂

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