Great Wood-Small Walk

At last, the weather broke and we could at least see some of the fells. Anna and I took the opportunity to meet my sister Caroline and her family (Steve, Emerald and Crystal) for a short walk near Keswick. Steve had decided we would park at Castlerigg stone circle, and it took a bit of a detour to actually find the walk!


View back to Helvellyn

We eventually found the route down into Great Wood after evading the local Indians……………..


Indian camp near Great Wood

On the way down through the wood Anna and I found a large mushroom, which we thought we might cook for tea. When we checked Anna’s mushroom book at home we couldn’t really identify it, so didn’t want to risk getting ill for the New Year 🙁


Mmmmm! Looks tasty……. but is it??????

We eventually made it back to the cars, and Anna and I headed to keswick for a well earned coffee, whilst Caroline, Steve, Emerald and Crystal headed off to the cinema to see The Golden Compass. I wonder if they managed to stay awake for the whole film? 😆


2 thoughts on “Great Wood-Small Walk”

  1. Next time perhaps we should choose the starting point with reference to the map? ❗ It was a long haul up a tarmacked hill road back to the cars – but the kids did very well and the only tears were when Crystal fell over in a puddle.

  2. Your report added poetry to the event; we loved being away from the stabbings, the ravings, the frenetic ambition of London Town… That last hill was rather painful, but not as bad as the acting of Dakota Blue… the child lead in the Golden Compass…! :mrgreen:

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