Testing the Tendon

Following Anna’s achilles injury and 2 weeks of overeating and indulgence we thought it was time to see how we would fare back out running.
We chose a local dismantled railway hear Blennerhasset, hoping it wouldn’t be too muddy but of course, after all the rain it was well clarty. Kelda had to be thrown into the river to clean off!
Anna’s leg coped ok, but a few twinges close to the finish of our 4 mile route slowed us to a walk…………. better safe than sorry. (It might have been less than 4 miles, but after Christmas it felt further!  


                                                      Kelda can’t handle the pace as we power toward Baggrow!

4 thoughts on “Testing the Tendon”

  1. Hmmmm, I think 4 miles is a bit optimistic, 3 is pushing it! Never mind, at least we got out and it only drizzled on us a bit. I was overjoyed to be able to jog for 28 mins which is 3 x my last effort. 😀

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