A Deranged Body Clock – Costa Blanca New Year

My body clock told me I should be climbing ice but, for one reason or another, here we were at Calpe with Ernie, half the FRCC and Terry Gifford not too far away.

New Years Eve bolt clipping on Toix Placca. Well, could be worse 🙂 toix2.jpg
Sunset from the Toix looking south down Costa Blancapuig1.jpg
New Years Day and walking under the Puig Campana in hot sunshine towards, but not as far as….

……the picturesque mountain village of Sella.

Terry Gifford tops out on the wonderful, long mountain-route, Via Gene (5), on Cabezon de Oro, just north of Alicante.

…….and thankfully leads us to the abseil niche 😀

Our good buddy, Ernie, now lives in Calpe and is very happy indeed, as this picture shows (even though we had waited a long time for our fish & chips on Foxe’s fish & chip night) :angry:

Ernie sends his best wishes to his friends in England and Canada 🙂 .

8 thoughts on “A Deranged Body Clock – Costa Blanca New Year”

  1. All rite der Pete, La? 😆

    No, Ern’s given up linedancing now. He’s learning Spanish at night school and running 8 miles a day, often up and down the Pennon 😈

    It was really such a fun break 😀 I felt guilty about not seeking out somewhere ‘cold’ but, in the event, had a really good time, especially teaming up with Terry Gifford, which I arranged last minute. He’s always full of good ideas and that route on Cabenzo de Oro is really spectacular, I think better than Esperon Sur Central and a twaddle harder perhaps. Yet relatively unknown 💡 :star:

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