Jack’s Rake Langdale


For once the weather forecast was correct – Sunday turned out dry with a little sunshine peaking between the clouds!

We’d arranged to meet up with Andy, Sabiene, Ian and Anna (oh, and Kelda) to catch up on all the news after the Xmas and New Year holidays… We chose the classic scramble up Jack’s Rake on Pavey Ark in Langdale for a little sport. It was a little icy in places, but that (and some slushy snow) didn’t get in the way of our enthusiasm, despite only wearing our trainers.

Here’s Andy enjoying the scramble!
After our mini-adventure, back in the car park we all enjoyed the last of our hot drinks from our flasks with some super tasty home made Cumberland sausage rolls – complete with brown sauce! 😛 Thanks to Andy and Sabiene for cooking them, and mostly for bringing them along! 😀

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