Pete finds his way to sausage roll record

Having had a bit of a bug over Christmas, Pete obviously didn’t quite have enough to eat over the festive period. We joined him for a sausage hunt on Pavey Ark, well known since neolithic times as one of the few places where you can hunt and chase down the sausage roll.

Pete used a special sausage roll radar (looks a bit like a gps) to monitor the movements of any rolls in the area

Pete with his roll monitor

In the wild they have been known to fly, but we soon spotted some………..

We spot sausage rolls taking off and finally catch them in the car park

Mind you they can run pretty fast too and it was only when we got back to the car park that we cornered them. Pete ate 18!!! And Tish had 16!!!! They are big beasts and I only managed one myself…………..

Pete, with at least 5 in his mouth at once!!!

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