Cairngorm Ski

With the promise of good weather and loads of snow in Scotland, Anna and I headed north for a day skiing…….

Unfortunately, the world, his wife and the kids had the same idea, and although we left early, it was obviously not early enough.
By the time we’d got into the bottom car park, then got up to the daylodge it was 11 o’clock….. but undeterred we put skins on and headed up.

Anna heads up Cairngorm

I’d forgotten just how hot it gets going uphill, and then how cold it is in Scotland when you stop. The sun never emerged as we slid up and the tops were all completely clagged in with thick cloud. Our target of Ben Macdhui was a long way off and at the top of Cairngorm we did the sensible thing and headed down for a half-day ticket……………..

Anna on the upper slopes of Cairngorm

The skiing was excellent on the new snow; unfortunately when its this good the lifts just can’t cope with the number of people and the funicular just doesn’t take enough or move fast enough. We still had a good day though, much better skiing than Meribel last year!

Anna and the controversial Funicular

Would I head north again for a day skiing? Well I’d leave a lot earlier, aiming to miss the queues by arriving at about 7am. I’d give the downhill skiing a miss; when its good enough snow the infrastructure just can’t cope.

On the way home Anna gave an old friend a shock when we called in (in Rothiemurchus). They’d not seen each other for over 10 years, so had some catching up to do!

5 thoughts on “Cairngorm Ski”

  1. It’s at times like this that I wish I hadn’t left my skis in France… 🙁
    Looks like you had a fantastic time though! 😛 When you say “half-day ticket”, I guess you mean you joined the down-hillers using the easy way up the hill?

  2. Anna always told me that if you could ski in Scotland, you could ski anywhere, as the snow is often so thin you’re skiing on icy grass – looks a bit better this time!

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