Message from Down Under

The blog has become a bit boring lately, due to the bad weather in this part of the world. My boy, Edward, has just moved to Hobbart, Tasmania, and sends these pictures to cheer us all up, or maybe depress us even more 😥 .

Sydney skyline

The Opera House

On Mt Eliza – weather looks same as England

Fishing trip off Hobbart

Well, Pete should feel at home. 😆

5 thoughts on “Message from Down Under”

  1. Wow, nice to see sunny pictures eh?! :mrgreen:
    But, gotta disagree with the “boring” comment Terry. :angry: Yeah, we need more climbing and adventurous stuff, but it’s still interesting isn’t it? 😕

  2. When I was in Sydney in 1999, I stayed in the 2nd hotel on the right – there is a fantastic view of the Bridge, especially at night. In the morning, all the commuter boats come in on the right & disgorge lots of happy, smiley people – a nice way to start the day rather than sitting in a traffic jam, or stuffy train etc. The Opera House is just behind where the top photo was taken from -it’s as impressive in the flesh as it looks (but the acoustics are not that great, so I’m told).

  3. Anna, the Totem Pole is in Tasmania, surely that makes it worth a visit?
    Paul, that does sound like a super way to commute to work! 😛 Certainly beats the trudge in Britain’s perpetual rain…

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