Col Cornu, a (mini) Ski Tour

Col Cornu

After yesterday’s efforts our leg muscles were knackered. Well Laetitia’s and mine were. Actually if the truth be told, mostly just mine! 🙁 And as Dave reported almost no aches and pains, it seems that it’s true that skiing makes higher demands on the thigh muscles than snowboarding? Anyway, all of this led us to turn to the idea of enjoying some piste skiing to save ourselves from more punishment (and to work on our – my – technique for the next tour)…

But wait, piste skiing just doesn’t really pique my interest, going up and down similar runs all day. So why not spice it up a bit with this classic off-piste linkup that used to be the only way to ski the area below the Combe de Gliere before the telegraphique that links the area from the Brévent station.

However, we were a little over equipped, seeing as we didn’t use our skins (or snow shoes in Dave’s case) at all. It’s just a short hike between the two cols on this route, followed by a long almost un-tracked descent. Brilliant!


Dave shouldering a heavy load including snowboard and snow shoes!
What about that ace backdrop across to Mont Blanc?

We ended the weekend with our traditional reward – a large cake!

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  1. Sorry Colin, didn’t realise details of the cake were required – I can confirm that it was very good! Both substantial, tasty and loaded with fruit – I reckon it even counted as being healthy; counting as one of our five fruit and veg a day… :love:

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