Joint Climbers Club and Wayfarers’ Club Meet

A very good turn out indeed of 26 members from both clubs for this meet in Langdale. But Saturday was totally disgusting as regards weather, with body lifting winds. Two managed to top out on Coniston Old Man but everybody else was blown away. The mountain bikers fared a little better.

Sunday, however, was much better, dull, coldish but bone dry and most of the Meet, Wayfarers’ as well, adjourned to Shepherd’s crag, where a good variety of routes were climbed.

Terry climbed with Paul and here you see Paul on ‘Fisher’s Folly’.


I suspect pictures of Saturday’s efforts will come in as memory cards dry out!

6 thoughts on “Joint Climbers Club and Wayfarers’ Club Meet”

  1. Another great photograph! I’ve given it a rating of 9 – if only it had been sunny, a blue sky would have easily got the full 10. However, the effort for getting on the rock in January gets a 10 for sure. 😛

  2. I’ve given it a ten. When is it ever sunny eh Pete? 🙄 I think your 9 was a bit mean… 😈
    It deserves a 10 for managing to find some dry rock in Jan. Good effort ❗

  3. 8 out of 10 & 1 was given out of generosity 😡 for an old friend! It’s a good composition, and it conveys the seriousness of climbing :love: but the colours & tonality are far too dark 🙁 to make it a 9 or 10. You will be free to ‘hammer’ any of my posts should there be any! 😆

  4. If Saturday had been a bit better we might have joined you. On Sunday we were having a birthday celeb for Ian: visiting the breaker’s yard early, followed by a giant fried breakfast!

  5. yeah, all day me and Paul were saying wonder if Anna and Ian will turn up 🙄 but I suppose with the caf being closed, there is not the same incentive 😥 we didn’t see another soul we knew, apart from our own group, which is very unusual for Shepherd’s 🙁

  6. Just drawn back to this post by being requested to comment on spam posting. Made me reflect, however, on the sad demise of a once great meet – established in honour of a great mountaineer, Hamish Nicol, memory of whom is now fast fading in both clubs.
    But already fading into unpopularity with the CC (no CC attendees last year, just one year before), it has now unilaterally disappeared from the CC fixtures. I note it has been replaced by Joint CC/OUMC meet, paradoxically Hamish’s old club.
    It should have been held this coming week end at Ynys etwys, but in response the WC pulled it too.

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