Birthday Ice


Pete woke up this morning another year older, but definitely not another year wiser. He was tasked with wearing his birthday hat all day, so he decided not to take on the world class WI7 challenge (Lipton) on his tick list today – that requires serious head gear! Instead we were to take on an adventure at Kong Vinter.

This proved to be a genius plan as the weather had turned warmer, so the constant precipitation that was wet in Rjukan remained frozen at Kong Vinter.



After a 20 minute trek we made our way through thick snow to the abseil tree where we geared up and Andy set up the ropes. Pete had an “awesome” time on King Kong, and Anna and Ian and Jon and Andy had a great adventure on Kong Vinter. This was supposed to be the classic of the area, but the conditions weren’t so great this time round. King Kong was steep and fearsome with some crazy mushrooms to navigate around the bottom.


By the time we’d finished the route the sun had come out giving great views back across to the routes.

2 thoughts on “Birthday Ice”

  1. Got link to your site from Terry – Would be great if you do Lipton – will have a look in next few days, Cheers, Steve (who hopefully didnt hold you up to much on Verdens Ende on Tue 4th Feb – sadly back at work now)

  2. Hi Steve, sorry to let your high hopes go unsated, we’d spent all our energies by Thursday so Lipton had to go unclimbed! Although we did look at it on Friday (from Rjukanfossen) and thought it looked okay. If only we’d had a couple more days – a rest day and then another to get the tick before coming home…

    Oh, no, you didn’t cause any delay on Verdens Ende. 😉 A good route huh? 😛

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