Long hot summer continues

With global warming really taking hold, the world seems to have been flipped on its head, with the Lakes enjoying weather reminiscent of the summer of’ ’76.

We met up with Chris, a friend from Herne Bay who was staying at Wasdale YHA with a large group of friends. They had decided on a walk up to Napes to “thread the needle”………… I must admit I didn’t realise just how long it would take 20 or so Non-climbers to do this, but it was such a nice day , a long lunch could be taken while it all happened.


Anna checks on progress threading the needle
After lunch it was up to the top of Great Gable, and what views!!!!


Anna pours a hot chocolate on the top

Down to Styhead and then the sprint back to the Wasdale Head Inn where the welcoming beer was much anticipated. :yum:


Kelda poses for obligatory blog dog pic.

7 thoughts on “Long hot summer continues”

  1. Kelda posing with the Sphinx Rock in the background is great! 🙂
    Wish we could have been enjoying the great weather in the Lakes too… 🙁

    So, just how long did it take to get everyone through the needle?

  2. Well, it took me about 2 mins to go up and down to show the way (no-one else had “done” threading the Needle before), then Chris came up with the rope, then the rest of the group came up and went down with rope protection … so it took about 2 hours in all, and I’m afraid parties approaching from both sides with the same scramble in mind gave up and went away.

    Nice day out though – and the rock up there was beautifully warm & dry; had Ian and I brought gear with us we could have fitted in a route whilst waiting! Definitely feeling inspired to go back to climb – it’s years since we did Tophet Wall.

    NB: Wastwater YH (where the group was staying) is fab – it has a stunning library and dining room, and a great situation.

  3. I suppose a quick solo of the Needle might have been a heroic option to impress the punters! 😉

    Never done Tophet Wall – we must get up there this year, there are loads of things there I’d like to do… 😎

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