Cromhall dive

Important health and safety information

Over the last few months both myself and Andy have got hold of new bits of kit to try with our rebreathers but owing to circumstance we had not been able to test them. We had the chance today and pottered down to the quarry at Cromhall for a kit testing session. Pottering is important on gear testing days. Most divers get to the site early so they can get lots of diving done. Experience has shown that turning up at lunch time gives us a chance to park very close to the water just when most of the other divers are getting out of the water after their second (or sometimes third) dive of the day. We can then stay in the shallows and potter in and out of the water to make any adjustments we want.

Today’s dive provided some useful information for both of us and both of us now has a list of things to work out.

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