Where is Putangirua?


Our first overnight trip led us over the Rimutaka range to the Wairarapa, farming country on the East side of the North Island. We toured a few vineyards in the morning. Apparently it’s going to be the best vintage ever this year, but last year’s tasted pretty good too.


In the afternoon we drove down to the South Coast to Putangirua Pinnacles. A nice walk up the stream from the road leads to a narrow valley where the eroding hillsides form tall pinnacles. The sign at the bottom said beware of falling rocks, and it certainly looked as if they might topple over on us at any moment. We spent some time scrambling among the pinnacles, before heading up a side track to the top of the ridge above them, for what turned out to be the best view.



After a refreshing (or freezing cold, depending on your point of view) swim in the lake, the evening saw us camping at Lake Ferry, and wandering on the huge deserted beach that separates the lake from the ocean.

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