Canada Winter 2008 – Interlude

Rick told us before we came to Canada that we should bring our rock shoes so he could show us his new ‘secret’ winter sun crag.

Rick Felber is one half of the ‘Bulky Boys’ duo (the other being Trevor Jones), a team who were prolific new routers in the ghost river wilderness during the late 1990s. Rick has climbed very few routes that are not of his own authorship.


Towards the end of our first week, the weather was turning warm and this seemed the ideal time to explore Rick’s new crag. We were sworn to secrecy but the crag is somewhere in Kananaskis, between the TransCanada HW and Montana.

Here you see Terry following Rick’s route, ‘Rusty Chains’, 5.8

The weird cloud effect is the remnant of the ‘Chinook’, a front that brings warm weather (‘eater of snows’) from the west.

Rick pointed Paul up his fierce little double overhanging problem, ‘Double Trouble’, 5.10, of which Paul made mincemeat.

Paul pulls over the second overhand.

The Kananaskis equivalent of chocolate cake at Shepherd’s crag, Nachos and beer in Kananaskis village after the climbing. Terry, Paul and Rick.

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  2. Canada Winter 2008 – Interlude
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9 thoughts on “Canada Winter 2008 – Interlude”

  1. What a great day. I wonder where that crag could be though? Tell us, tell us, we won’t tell anyone else… :zip:

    I’m suprised Paul had room for nachos and beer after all that mincemeat on Double Overhang! 😉
    :love: The sunny rock looks ace though!

    PS. All excited now to see if there might be an epilogue ❓

  2. Well, the eatery is a few miles away but I suppose comparing sizes of the respective countries, that extrapolates to shepherd’s caf from shepherd’s crag 😀

  3. Ha Ha, when I checked the spelling of your reply Paul (something I try to do for everything that gets posted, although as Anna knows I still miss a few typos) I had to laugh at what it said for craftier; clever at achieving one’s aims by indirect or deceitful methods. What can this mean Paul? 😉

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