Terry steps up a gear

Modesty has probably kept Terry’s second week performance out of his reports thus far. After viewing Field routes we drove to Kicking Horse, no ice and nowhere to park anymore! Back in Field we decided to climb the access pitch of Carlsberg just to get some ice time in. Two pitches later we were looking at 60 metres of steep wet ice. Its like the first pitch only longer says Terry. Aye lad, your lead says I.


The rest as they say is history as Terry methodically despatched the route in fine style. Wednesday in the Ghost saw us reject Malignant Mushroom as unsafe (reports say a chunk fell off a day later). Thursday found us at Stanley Major (opposite Shades of Beauty).


Again Terry led taking a fair amount of time to complete. On following I realised why. Not only was it steep but the ice was featureless, soft and scary (2 ice screws pulled out easily). Only a grade 4 but my forearms reckoned it was the hardest route of the holiday and worth a 5 in those conditions. A great effort by Terry!

8 thoughts on “Terry steps up a gear”

  1. Yeah, ‘Stanley Major’ is a route we have all omitted in the past 😕 I don’t think it gets many ascents in general, probably overshadowed by the reputations of its neighbours 😥

    But I would definitely recommend it to anyone : 🙂 It certainly gives you a kick in the teeth 😮 and is a bit of a sandbagger ( we know a few more, don’t we 😀 ). Paul wasn’t the only one with aching arms 😉

    Very weird structure too 😕 The ice ends abruptly at the top and you’re on scree right away 😮

  2. This route looks great Terry! The pitch must be quite long, you’re tiny up there…. 😮 and steep…..
    getting strong for the summer season????? some hard routes beckon..
    how do you do it Terry when the rest of mankind is getting older??? ❓ ❓

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