Too Cold…

Ian wanted to have an adventure lined up for today and suggested we went to my secret crag to grab a new route. So, after getting Anna and Ian to sign in blood that they’d keep it’s location a secret we headed off.

While the sun was shining it had seemed like a good plan, until we got there and realised just how bloody cold the wicked easterly wind was making it! 😮

Ian getting stuck into a bit of new routing!
Sorry, only the one picture – can’t give too much away. 😉

I had to back off my planned line with numb fingers (I’m hoping it will make a reasonable HVS – maybe a bit easier, maybe a bit harder – won’t really know till it’s done 😎 ). But, Ian completed his steep new line to the right 😛 and Laetitia did a nice easy route (in her big boots) on the left hand side :love: . Not bad for such a cold day. As it was dry, we’d certainly have climbed more if we’d gone to Shepherds, but I think we had the adventure Ian wanted!

[After all that we headed off for our mandatory rewards – tea and cakes!]

Now we just need Ian and Laetitia to let us know what grade they thought the routes were and what they are gonna name them… :mrgreen:

4 thoughts on “Too Cold…”

  1. No idea what I’m going to call it, it would have helped if you had told me what crag we were on!! 😯
    Maybe you could take the blindfold off earlier next time!!!
    It was really cold, I lost the feeling in my hands pretty quickly, so the route felt about E10 😮 😮 , although it was probably about HS, 4b…. maybe. Nice crag though Pete, and so close to the cafe at Bassenthwaite :love:

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