Above & below Birkett Hill

A lazy start to the day meant I didn’t feel like doing much, but I needed to get out.

I opted for a short exploration of Birkett Hill (locally known as Hartley Birkett) just a mile or two from Kirkby Stephen. The weather wasn’t improving, infact it was raining and I didn’t fancy being out in it for long. A quick walk up to the Lord Stone and back to the hill. It’s quite interesting geologically as well as speleologically. It is situated on a major fault and the rocks are very shattered, some being lead and barytes bearing.

There is a short adit, but forgetting my torch I didn’t venture far. If I recall it’s not very long and this picture I think shows a blockage.

On the surface the flora is quite fine with a few orchids and pansies.

A short trip out, but Pippa at least got some exercise.

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