Kettle Crag Langdale

Anybody ever heard of it? Anybody been there? Chances are that if you were working from Max’s guidebook, you probably didn’t find it….

….Bernie scans the hillside for tell-tale clues

But the never ending quest for new Tuesday adventures finally took us to it, on the Oxendale side of Pike o’ Blisco. Problem is… where do the routes start??

Terry peruses the guidebook

But we had our lunch and everything fell into place. ‘The same rock as Gimmer’, it says. But nobody can find the place so nobody climbs there and the rock is rough as anything…..

Rough rock to die for….

An upper tier gives a nice scramble with awesome views down Langdale and Oxendale, from an unusual perspective

We made the best of the day, until the forecast rain came on around 4pm. A great little day on a great little crag.

3 thoughts on “Kettle Crag Langdale”

  1. Yeah, we’ve found it! We went there just over 2 years ago! It’s a great spot isn’t it! 😀 But you are right, it took us ages to find too, I remember walking first far too far up the BandOxendale, then having to wander around looking for a level section before the top of the gully…

  2. Close – you can see the block you are stood on just above Tish’s head. 😉
    Looks like you had a fantastic day – not quite the scorcher we had, but considering that it was very grey all day in Kendal…

    PS. Just fixed my over excited typo (Band = Oxendale) in previous comment. Sorry.

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