Peak Cavern

Yet again the only place that looked like it would offer good diving conditions was Peak Cavern in the Peak district so I met Jim at the TSG hut for a planned trip into Dooms retreat beyond Ink sump. We were joined by Ann who was unlucky enough not to have any better offers as cavers were few and far between.

After the usual chat with the show cave staff walked through to the start of Buxton water sump for our easy route through while Ann had to walk around the outside. Jim dived through but when it came to my turn I suffered an O ring failure just as I was dipping my head under. After de-kitting I went round the outside and met the other two near Ink sump base. Jim went through Ink, moving some scaffold poles on the way. Myself and Ann went back through the cave and collected some scaffolding from one of the many piles and carried it up to Ink sump base. We then sorted a sealed container for neutral buoyancy for future transport through the sump. Ann then sat down on her chair which she originally carried into the cave (for those who asked how the chair got there when it was last pictured) and we waited for Jim.

Jim Going into Ink Sump
Jim Going into Ink Sump

After Jim reappeared we headed out leaving some dive kit in the cave for tomorrows trip once my faulty O ring had been sorted. We stopped for the normal chat and a cup of tea at the entrance and then bought some sugar mice on the way back to the hut.

Ann in her chair.

7 thoughts on “Peak Cavern”

  1. No, that would be untidy, someone would have to clear it up. Just swap to the other breathing set. It’s just not a good idea to start a dive with only one good set 💡

  2. Come to think of it, wasn’t it an O ring that failed and caused the Space Shuttle Challenger to disintegrate?! :zip:
    Dangerous things these O rings! No joking, I bloody well hope you use the very highest quality ones made anywhere in the known universe?!!!

  3. Pete: depends on which O rings fail, things can get a little tricky. Most O ring failures happen when things are first pressurised and not underwater, so the odds are good 😯

    Andrew: that would be two thirds of the booster and you would have to be faster than Big Nose for the 300’s 😀

    Tish: well, you wouldn’t expect someone carrying a chair that far underground to take an uncomfortable one would you ❓

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