Stoney Middleton

What rain? We expected heavy rain on Saturday; as we drove over Snake Pass and saw the first spots on the windscreen we thought it was gonna be as forecast – wet. Maybe a day cruising the gear shops of the Peak was ahead.

But no, all was dry and bright (but not exactly sunny) in Hathersage where we met Paul for the mandatory cup of tea above Outside, allowing for a little procrastination about climbing venues. Eventually Stoney was chosen and off we headed.

I’m not sure of the names of the four routes we did, but here are some pics to show that there was at least one dry day this August!

First Laetitia did a fine job on a steep VS

Next Paul sandbagged me on a strenuous E1 (there are easier E3s about I’m sure)

And to finish, Paul despatched a HVS that was so polished and slippery it could easily be E1

Before we got away to Derby we managed a trip to the café at Calver to catch up on dwindling tradition; cake eating! Paul and I enjoyed some bakewell tart and Laetitia had a date & almond flapjack. Yum! :yum:

7 thoughts on “Stoney Middleton”

  1. Difficulty is some mad function of hold size, spacing, steepness, exposure and scarcity of protection – someone has probably done a thesis on this important subject and earned themselves a PhD… :good: Or, as Boris might say, there are only two grades; what you can climb, and what you can’t climb…

  2. Yeah, Keith and me were sitting in The Office speculating on what you were doing at Stoney. Us now Bex, Swizland. K&F still Cham so far as know. Great laugh few days Cham with Smiler.

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