The plan is to be up in a mountain hut by the time you read this, and we don’t expect there to be the awesome cakes that are found in the valley. But to keep the “cake a day” count going here’s one we prepared earlier…


Series - French Cakes

  1. Tarte aux Figue
  2. Fraisier
  3. Fraicheur
  4. Tarte aux Pommes
  5. Tarte aux Myrtles
  6. Tarte aux Myrtles et Bière
  7. Les Miettes
  8. Gâteau de Citron
  9. Gâteau de Chocolat

8 thoughts on “Fraicheur”

  1. I will contact a local builder in Staveley, to have Pete & Tish’s doorway widened so they will be able to get through, when they return from the cake-eating holiday :love:

  2. How will you survive without your daily cake ration. 😥 …….. you could phone to have one choppered up 😯 , although I bet Pete you’ve made Tish carry up all sorts of treats and goodies in her rucsack; a bit like Whymper in days of old 😆

  3. Oh what a fab cake 😀 😀
    I am now leaping up to fetch blackberries and ice cream from the kitchen, being the nearest thing to that cake that I can manage (first blackberries of the season from local hedge).

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