Tarte aux Myrtles

After a quiet night (the Spaniards had left) we woke to a wet and windy morning (nothing to do with vegetables). Our legs would not allow us to walk back to the Midi so we caught the Hellbronner lift for the bargain price of €11. We got back to the Chamonix valley and were welcomed by pouring rain. 🙁

The clouds soon cleared (a little) and we spent the day resting and recuperating calories!

Tarte aux Myrtles - aka North Face reward!
Tarte aux Myrtles - aka North Face reward!

Series - French Cakes

  1. Tarte aux Figue
  2. Fraisier
  3. Fraicheur
  4. Tarte aux Pommes
  5. Tarte aux Myrtles
  6. Tarte aux Myrtles et Bière
  7. Les Miettes
  8. Gâteau de Citron
  9. Gâteau de Chocolat

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